2021-2022 Youth Dance Schedule!

 Our youth technique classes are available on this schedule from August 23, 2021 to May 21, 2022.

All students participate in our annual recital on May 28, 2022. Levels of classes are based on ages, previous experience, and skill ability. Our teachers help place your dancer in the class level that is best suited for your child's success. Each class and level provides exceptional dance training in a friendly, positive environment. Highlighted classes indicate full status. 1 or 2 indicates studio room number. Dress Code STRICTLY enforced.

Schedule subject to change for any challenges unforeseen. Classes highlighted in yellow are full. Competition Company classes will be enrolled by instructors after auditions. Only Company Competition Team Members in Company Classes.



Combo Ballet and Tap

3-4 Year Olds

Monday 4:00-4:45pm (2)

Wednesday 3:30-4:15pm (2)

4-5 Year Olds

Monday 3:45-4:30pm (1)

Wednesday 4:15-5:00pm (1)

5-6 Year Olds

Wednesday 4:15pm-5:00pm (2)


Ballet I

6-8 Year Olds

Monday 6:30-7:15pm (2)

Ballet II

8-11 Year Olds

Tuesday 4:30pm-5:30pm (1)

9-12 Year Olds

Wednesday 5:00pm-5:45pm (2)

Ballet III

9-13 Year Olds

Tuesday 6:30pm-8:00pm (1)

Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm (1)

Ballet IV


Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm (1)


Instructor Invited

Tuesday 8:00pm-8:30pm(1)


Instructor Invited

Thursday 8:00pm-8:30pm(1)


Jazz I

5-8 Year Olds

Monday 4:45pm-5:30pm (2)

Jazz II

9-12 Year Olds

Wednesday 5:45pm-6:45pm (2)

Thursday 4:15pm-5:00pm (2)

Jazz III

13-16 Year Olds

Thursday 6:00pm-6:45pm (2)

Company Jazz

Monday 5:30pm-6:30pm (1)

Monday 5:30pm-6:30pm (1)

Monday 6:30pm-7:30pm (1)


Tap I

6- 8 Year Olds

Monday 7:45pm-8:30pm (2)

Tap II

9-12 Year Olds

Wednesday 7:45pm-8:30pm (2)


12-16 Year Olds

Thursday 7:45pm-8:30pm (2)

Company Tap

Wednesday 8:15pm-9:00pm (1)

Hip Hop

Hip Hop I

6-10 Year Olds

Wednesday 5:00pm-5:45pm (1)

Hip Hop II

11-16 Year Olds

Wednesday 5:45-6:30pm (1)

Company Hip Hop

Monday 4:30pm-5:30pm (1)

Wednesday 7:15pm-8:15pm (1)


Contemporary I

6-8 Year Olds

Monday 7:15-7:45pm (2)

Contemporary II

9-12 Year Olds

Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm (2)

Contemporary III

12-16 Year Olds

Thursday 6:45pm-7:45pm (2)

Company Contemporary

Tuesday 5:30pm-6:30pm (1)

Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm (1)

Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm (1)


Acrobatics I

3-4 Year Olds

Tuesday 4:15pm-5:00pm (2)


5-6 Year Olds

Tuesday 5:00-5:45pm (2)

Acrobatics II

7-9 Year Olds

Tuesday 5:45pm-6:30pm (2)

Acrobatics II

8-10 Year Olds

Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm (2)

Acrobatics III

10-12 Year Olds

Tuesday 7:30pm-8:30pm (2)

Acrobatics IV

13+ Years Old

Wednesday 6:30pm-7:15pm

Company Acrobatics

Monday 6:30pm-7:30pm (1)