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Youth Dance Class Programs

Our Youth Programs start at age 3 and continue through age 18. We have two programs for your dancer with several styles and levels in each style. 

Recreational Program is for the dancer who is interested in learning different styles of dance and generally takes less than 3 hours of dance a week in any style. This Program consists of styles in all levels from ages 3 -18 years old.

Company Competitive Program is for the dancer who is interested in excelling in one or multiple styles of dance, committed to a team, and performs as well as competes in dance. Dancers in Company Competitive Program must audition to be apart of this program. This program consists of dancers who are looking for a more disciplined, goal oriented version of dance education. These dancers generally take 5 or more hours a week of dance in multiple styles of dance. Classes are listed as Company on Youth Schedule. 

Visit our Youth Schedule here.


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