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BOOST Program

Elevate your remote learning with MHDC!

At Mint Hill Dance Center, we are devoted to our student's learning no matter the circumstance. We also believe in loving and providing for our dance families where they need us most. During this unprecedented time, school is becoming harder to navigate. We are here for you!!

Starting August 17, 2020, we are beginning BOOST Program at MHDC! BOOST is a in studio support program to help students navigate through virtual/remote learning at school in a safe environment with our teachers waiting by to assist. We will also provide additional dance and fitness activities for the students in a socially distanced atmosphere.

BOOST Teacher Support

Our Instructors will be available to assist children with remote learning schedules and assignments. Students will attend all daily remote learning lessons with instructor supervision. Our Instructors will serve as a monitor and assist children with logging on and task management. Instructors will not teach children.

Dance and Fitness Activities at BOOST

During any break times of virtual learning, we will provide stretching, dance, fitness, yoga and more to keep your child physically active during this new learning pathway.

BOOST Day Camp Hours

Monday- Friday


Early and late pick up available for additional fees

BOOST Capacity and Ages

We will be limiting our BOOST Program to 15 students, 10 in our larger room and 5 students in our smaller room. MHDC is accepting students from 1st to 10th grade for the BOOST Program.

BOOST Program COVID Protocols and Safety Measures

-All Students will be designated an individual desk, separated by 6 feet of space.

-All staff and students required to wear masks to attend

-Lobby is closed to parents, drop off and pick up only to reduce interaction between people

-Any student or staff experiencing symptoms or has come in contact with a person with Covid should not attend

-Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing between activities

What to Bring to BOOST Program

-Laptop/Chromebook/Tablet for virtual learning with power cords

-Headphones to connect to Laptop

-School supplies as needed such as pencils, paper, colored pencils, etc.

-Virtual Learning Schedule and Info

-Snack and Lunch

-Any medications

BOOST Program Pricing

$150 per student per week

$40 a day pricing, if space is available

Discount for additional siblings is 10% per student

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