Adult Dance Classes

Adult Classes are a great way to learn a new skills, create healthy physical habits, and enjoy dancing with our dance family at MHDC!

We currently offer In-Person options for our class styles. Current class listing below. Class styles and times to be added.

Stop, Drop, and Pop It Class

Adult Stop, Drop, and Pop It Class is a blend of fitness and popular dance moves. We will make sure you are getting heart pumping movement and fitness exercises, all while enjoying current and past cultural dance moves. Ever heard of the Dougie, cabbage patch, the whoa? We have you covered. No dance experience needed. Add those moves to some squats, jumps, standing abs- we have a workout! Bring a positive attitude and a water bottle! In-Person Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm. When signing up, you will be directed to our calendar. Please sign up by individual date/class for your participation. Classes are $16 per person.

Stop, Drop, and Pop It is on a pause. We will start a new session of Stop, Drop, and Pop It during the summer.